Chris Campeau

Fiction & Non-Fiction




“A Spook Like Me”
2019 | The Wyrd Magazine

In “A Spook Like Me,” a hard-up man living in an amusement park deals with his misfortune and guilt among the most “lively” of company.


2018 | Transmundane Press

Anthologized by Transmundane Press in its harrowing short-story collection Transcendent, "Candlesticks" explores a conflicted husband who’s tormented by the apparition of his wife's late grandmother.


“Our One Night a Year”
2018 | The Horror Tree
2017 | The Furious Gazelle Magazine

"Our One Night a Year" was chosen as a finalist in The Furious Gazelle Magazine's 2017 Halloween Fiction Contest, and was anthologized in Trembling With Fear: Year One, published by The Horror Tree in 2018.


“This Round on Me”
2017 | Polar Borealis Magazine

Craft beer meets folklore in “This Round On Me,” a campy tale of terror in which a student abroad discovers what really makes European beer so delicious.


“The Night we Aired the House”
2016 | Deadman’s Tome Magazine

In “The Night we Aired the House,” two brothers driving to a quarantine centre come to the arresting conclusion that their mother’s illness is too far gone.




“Stake to the Heart”
2018 | Cargo Literary

“Stake to the Heart" is a creative non-fiction piece that explores the zeitgeist of Transylvania, the naivety of travel, and the power of love to mend one's wounds.



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The Vampire Who Had No Fangs
2018 | Total Recall Press
2016 | First Class Press

Georgie Tombstone is a normal vampire…well, almost. The Vampire Who Had No Fangs is a children’s picture book in which a seemingly disadvantaged vampire discovers what really sets himself apart from his peers.


Trembling With Fear: Year One
2018 | The Horror Tree

Read “Our One Night a Year” in The Horror Tree’s first anthology of drabbles, flash fiction, and dark poetry—available in physical and digital formats.


2018 | Transmundane Press

Read “Candlesticks” in Transmundane Press’ short-story collection on nightmares, dreams, hallucinations, and visionsavailable in physical and digital formats.