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So, here we are.


Guess I'll go first.


I'm Chris—junior copywriter by day and horror author by night. (When else?) 
I'm a proud graduate of the Algonquin College Professional Writing Program
and AC Small and Medium Enterprise Management Program.
I'm a fortunate husband, creative collaborator,
and proud dad to two ginormous Maine Coons.

"Creepshow 2" on VHS is my most prized possession. 

Nice to meet you.




2016 - Deadman's Tome Magazine

As they drive to a quarantine centre, two brothers come to arresting conclusion that their mother's illness is too far gone.

Read it here if you hate happy endings.

2017 - The Furious Gazelle Magazine

"Our One Night a Year" was chosen as a finalist for the Furious Gazelle Magazine's 2017 Halloween Fiction Contest.

Read it here if you miss your older brother.

2017 Polar Borealis Magazine

Craft beer meets folklore in “This Round On Me,” a campy tale of terror in which a student abroad finds out what really makes European beer so damn delicious.

Read it here if you love a good porter.


Children's Books


2016 - First Class Press

Georgie Tombstone is a normal vampire...
Well, almost.

The Vampire Who Had No Fangs is a story in which a seemingly disadvantaged vampire discovers that his dissimilarity is, in fact, a uniqueness.

Buy it on Amazon.






Creative Non-Fiction